W.I.N Properties

WIN ING, Lake, Home

An elegant daily life starts from a Latte at the lake view balcony accompanied by the thin sheer of mist

SAMMAMISH Lake View in Lakemont, WIN ING Homestead,Home for Generations. ​

Call: +1(425)8293888 or +1(805)3992288

WIN Ying is a community that has spectacular views of Lake Sammamish and Mt Baker

The community is close to I-90 and is minute commute to desired places

随着经济和高新企业的发展,东区的房产经历着长达几十年的增长, 即使在萧条的时期也不例外. 是保值的首选.

Interior and location

Floor Plans and Elevations: YunGang, Kouquan, Yunzhou