Buying Process


The choice to build a privately-owned property can maximize the realization of a personal housing dream. Nothing is more exciting than building an ideal home. Our design, construction, construction team and staff can work closely with you to build the ideal dream home you want.
Here is an overview of home construction. For explanations and explanations of the process, please contact the winner’s property staff.
Construction process:

Phase 1: Prequalification
At this stage, we hope that you and the winner can fully understand each other so that we can understand and let you have enough expectations and know the work involved in the construction project and the workload of both parties. We firmly believe that a candid and open communication is One and a good start is half the battle.
· First customer interview to understand the goals and mutual expectations of building a house
· Understand the winner’s property background, capabilities and expected projects, locations, and designs under construction.
· If necessary, the winner can recommend a partner loan specialist.
· The client receives a pre-approved financial loan or budget plan.
· Initial plot selection.

Phase 2: Construction contract
When you decide to let the winner’s property take on your building needs, we both sign a construction agreement and we will complete all the necessary items for the expected construction.
· Sign the agreement and pay the deposit
· Feasibility study of the plot.
· Planning and design of plots
· Initial project cost estimate
· Apply for a construction permit
· Choose the design type available for use
· Budget
· Financial execution

Phase3: Construction starts

This is the most pleasing stage. When we get the permission, we will start to work with you to start construction according to the plan. We will communicate with you in a timely manner and will actively invite you to participate until you finally move into the station.
· Get permission
· Start construction
· Successful transaction, turnkey
· Customer service, the house warranty begins to time