Shores of Lake washington, Home of the richest in the mankind history



Bellevue, located on the east coast of Lake Washington, is across the lake from Seattle and is the most beautiful and safest city in the Seattle metropolitan area. With a city area of 43.87 square kilometers, the Chinese people have complete living facilities and are very convenient. The climate is mild and humid with abundant rainfall. The average temperature in summer is 16.7 °C, and the average temperature in winter is 6.7 °C. Bellevue has a good law and order and was named one of the ten safest cities in the United States. In addition, due to the existence of a large number of high-tech companies such as Microsoft Americas sales headquarters, online travel company Expedia, T-mobile, etc., there are many high-quality Chinese people here. Most of them have master’s or doctoral degrees, and they have decent jobs and high income. At the same time, because the Chinese pay attention to the tradition of children’s education, the school district here is also very good, and has the best high school in Washington State. With the continued steady growth of the employment rate in the East, more and more people working in the Eastern District choose Bellevue, which has a better living environment, and the prospects for the city’s housing market are promising.

135,937 people

3% since 2010
Safety index: very safe

Average household income
$92,329 74% higher than the US