Living In Seattle

Mountains, Waters, Humanity, Clean Seattle

Beautiful scenery, outstanding people all in Seattle

“The best place to live in the United States”, “Best living and working city”, “The city with the highest quality of life”, “The most cultural city”, “The most loved city to read”, “The most suitable city for work”, “The most desirable job” The city, the “most attractive city”, etc., people can’t wait to put all the best and best on her. The beauty of Seattle’s use of her time and place has attracted the attention of many people around the world.

It is not suitable for browsing the sights. She needs your presence and needs your stopover. Adjacent to the shores of Puget Sound, if you walk up and down a few blocks around Pike Place Market, you can enjoy a wide variety of food in addition to every corner of the coffee shop. . On the north is Seattle’s Space Needle and Seattle Center, and north of the Boeing Factory, which is a favorite of airplane fans. Drive south and enjoy the volcanoes, snow-capped mountains and glaciers at Mount Rainier National Park. There is also a large Olympic National Park in the west to get close to nature. How long do you have to spend here?

In fact, before coming here, you may not be able to imagine or truly understand that there will be a city in the world that can satisfy all the illusions that people hold about a better life. The atmosphere of art and coffee culture, the beauty of the ancient glaciers and blazing volcanoes, the delicious seafood and the lively market. She is arrogantly entrenched in the western coast of the United States, becoming the emerald city that people yearn for. The rain and fog make people feel unreal, but it also makes sunny days and sunshine more precious. Stepping on here, picking a sunny day, sitting in the bay, holding a cup of coffee at hand, and talking to strangers from the past, is also a wonderful life experience.
Local life

Seattle is a rainy city, but the rain is also the soul of Seattle. It annihilates the impetuousness of people’s hearts and makes Seattle have a leisurely leisure in big cities. Slow life makes Seattle people know how to live better. In the afternoon, a cup of milky coffee is on hand, and a delicious frozen crab on the table at night is a pleasure. This kind of Seattle will remind you of the subtle and beautiful heart of life, the lively downtown life, the street artists full of dreams, the fragrant coffee, and the setting sun on the bay. Pick a sunny afternoon, choose a restaurant or cafe on the edge of the bay, sit at the small dining table overlooking the sun, and feel the sunset at dusk. Then reluctantly follow the sunset, take a stroll through the last sunset on the Gulf Trail, and talk to strangers from the past. Maybe you will find you at this time, even breathing with ease.
Seattle company:

In addition to local technology giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, Starbucks, Costco, more and more technology giants in other places have also settled in Seattle in recent years. Seattle is known as the aerospace capital, the capital of software, the capital of cloud computing, and the capital of e-commerce. Now it is also unique in the fields of AI and VR/AR. Today we will take a look at some of the high-tech companies in Seattle.
Headquartered in Seattle:

Microsoft: No need to introduce, the world’s largest software company, based in Redmond, a very large campus. There are 50,000 to 60,000 employees in the Seattle area, and there are about 3-4 thousand Chinese. It is said that bricks fell on the road in Seattle, and 2-3 of the 10 people were Microsoft employees.

Amazon: the world’s largest e-commerce and cloud computing originator. Headquartered in the south lake union area of ​​downtown Seattle.

Boeing: The world’s largest aircraft manufacturer. In recent years, there have always been problems with unions and state governments, threatening to move to Chicago or North Carolina.

Starbucks: Coffee is the favorite of the people of Seattle.

Costco: The largest warehouse supermarket in the United States. Recently established a partnership with Alibaba.

Expeida: America’s largest online travel site, similar to Ctrip. There is an investment in domestic elong.

T-mobile: The third largest telecommunications manufacturer in the United States, headquartered in bellevue.

Zillow: The largest real estate trading site in the United States, based in downtown Seattle.

Tableau: A data company that does big data mining, display and service.

There are branch offices in Seattle:

Google: I have been setting up an office in Seattle for 10 years. Currently there are several buildings in Kirkland, Seattle, with an estimated 1,000 employees. Now it is continuing to build a building, and it will expand on a large scale next year.

Facebook: In 2010, I set up an office in downtown Seattle. Every year, I dig a lot of engineers from Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, expanding rapidly and expanding the office.

Twitter: Established an office in downtown Seattle four years ago and currently has nearly 100 people.

Priceline: The largest online travel website in the United States, with offices in Bellevue, has recently expanded rapidly.

eBay: One of the largest e-commerce companies in the United States, acquired the Seattle company last September, and it is expanding rapidly in Bellevue.

EMC: Storage Systems Giant with offices in downtown Seattle

Groupon: The largest group buying site in the United States. For the originator of the group purchase, in downtown Seattle.

HP: The old technology giant seems to be stationed in Seattle very late. At present, more than 70 people are in downtown Seattle and will expand to more than 200 people in the next year or two.

Alibaba: China’s largest e-commerce company took the lead in setting up a research and development center in downtown Seattle in July 2014. The first phase is mainly to do research in the fields of machine learning, big data, security, etc., and will not be expanded into large R&D centers in the future.
Huawei Research Institute
Tencent Research Institute

Oracle: Traditional database company.

Hulu: Online Video Website

Godaddy: the largest domain name registration company in the United States, also has cloud computing, website occupancy products

ServiceNow: Cloud computing-based IT systems management company. The world’s largest cloud computing company, especially SaaS-based ERP products, is known around the world.

spaceX:wow, replacing the space shuttle, the next generation space exploration transport rocket, Elon Musk’s company.

Apple: Recently, Apple has acquired the Seattle network company union bay networks, so it is reasonable for the world’s richest technology giant to enter Seattle.

Throughout these technology giants favor Seattle mainly because:

Talented people, especially Microsoft Software Empire, have trained countless talents in the software field.

The software technology environment, various technical forums, salons, conferences, become the soil for new technologies and innovations.

After the entrepreneurial environment, the endless stream of excellent entrepreneurship was acquired by the technology giants, these companies naturally became the parent company’s bridgehead in Seattle.

Humanities: The average level of education in Seattle is at the forefront of the United States.

Natural environment: beautiful scenery, four seasons like spring, mountain and water. Extremely suitable for living, attracting a large number of talents, do not want to leave when you stay.